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About “SkimIce”!

SkimIce are an incredibly awesome cool-pop that are sold on the Streets & Markets…. in the Dominican Republic!

SkimIce come in 6 wonderful Flavors: Fresa (Strawberry), Mango, Chinola (Passion Fruit), Guanabana (a white fruit that has it’s own distinct flavor), Guayaba (Guava) & Piña (Pineapple) [New!]

Size: Net. 77ML

SkimIce are sold for $5.oo Pesos D.R. [which is the equivalent to $0.15 U.S. Dollars] each on the Streets and for $3.00 Pesos D.R. at the factory & distribution centers.

SkimIce are based out of Colombia and manufactured by Quala in Haina (Santo Domingo), Dominican Republic.
[SkimIce is a sister project of BonIce that are sold in Mexico…]

Quala Dominicana, S.A.
Carretera Sánchez Km. 18
Haina, Republica Dominicana
Tel. (809) 701-3333